Pre School

Why Preschools Are Important For Your Toddler?

Brain Champs Montessori is one of the best preschools in ca. This is true that children love to play, which is counted as the biggest adventure among the toddlers. They can learn many new things while playing that is why we in our Pre School offer a play-based learning environment for the kids of 2 years to 6 years. This allows your child to grow and learn in a safe and welcoming environment. No doubt, Preschool education has been pegged as a base to successful education, where the children from different families step -up their first step to civilization and socialization.

They learn to play together and in this way, they develop a strong bond that is known as friendship with each other. The pre school san ramon offers the standard curriculum that emulates the preschool program all over the world. Going to preschool doesn't mean at all that your child is simply going to play and sing nursery rhymes anymore; instead it is academic based now, where a lot of activities are done to build up their strong cognitive level. Therefore, before making a step into big schools, preschools education is required that prepares a child intellectually for entrance into a big education platform.

We have hired highly skilled teachers, who help students to explore their hidden talent and promote positive behavior in the classroom. We believe that there is a gold mine in every child, we just need to polish it in the light of education so that child delivers his or her full potential to lead a successful life in future.

The teacher of preschool nurture curiosity of the children and allows their imagination to run wild, all within the safe confines of the school campus. We follow Montessori based curriculum is based on the practical application of sensory-based and self-directed learning and knowledge in English language, Knowledge in the number system, science, Mathematics, art and craft, and much more. We aim to introduce a society with an innovative and mindful individual, who are not dependent on others to accept the challenges of life.

The characteristic of the preschools should be:

  • Build up confidence
  • A secure and safe learning environment
  • Make learning easy
  • Polite and compassionating teacher
  • Motivate child to explore new thing
  • Holistic approach

This is true that the human brain receives 90 % signal through visualization, so we make sure maximum learning provided to the children is through video lecture which includes rhymes, moving pictures, animations, and graphics. We have hired skilled teachers who have a passion for teaching toddler and have rich experience in teaching domain. The first step towards education from where the effective learning began is preschools. So, to educate your ward in this way, send us your inquiry.